Monday, September 20, 2010

Which MMO Has The Best PvP?

In response to the article over on Massively about which MMO has the best PvP, I figured I'd make my first poll.  It's pretty simple, which MMO do you feel has / had the best PvP?  Currently the comments are garnering all kinds of responses.  From Planetside, to EVE, to Darkfall.  If you decide to select other, please leave a comment as to which and why. 

Personally I think Dark Age of Camelot had the best PvP of any MMO I've played.  Three realms, open zones, clear objectives (relics), and small group fighting really made it appealing to me.  Of course back when I played DAoC I had much more time which allowed me to be fully immersed in it.  I'd imagine there are people now who say the same about other games. 

So, go ahead and vote.  We'll see in a week what game will be crowned king of PvP, at least in the eyes of readers of this blog. 


  1. I gotta say, I voted for DAoC. Maybe I was just at a different point in life, but it just felt more immersive. I think the SC system in WAR is nice, but doesn't keep players involved for any meaningful amount of time. Just my $.02

  2. I agree with you rancid. DAoC was during my college years where I had an infinite amount of more time. Thus allowing me to become more immersed in the game itself. Quite honestly I'm not a fan of the scenario system in Warhammer, but I'm one for the oRvR aspect of the game.

  3. I voted Other.

    Shadowbane had everything I wanted in an RvR game, it was just ugly as sin.