Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep Sieges

In response to Wasdstomp's, RvR Pack 101: Keeps, I'd like to continue the discussion.  For whatever reason this really seemed to ignite a fire in my pants and I had to get my thoughts out to everyone.  I definitely agree with Wasdstomp in that the current mechanic needs changing, but I disagree about the way he is proposing to do so. 

Eternal Citadel Thoughts

Well, for me the weekend is most certainly over.  I must say that I believe it was a rather productive one, I think...

The Eternal Citadel came and went by almost as quickly as the matches themselves within the new 6v6 Scenario.  Most were happy with it, but there were some who weren't to impressed.  Everyone can agree however that if you needed to farm Insignias, this was the place to do it.  With the average match lasting no more than 5 minutes, it was a prime time to grind out your Royal weapons.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Official Q&A on RvR Pack Up!

Check out the official Q&A for the RvR pack! 

Please be sure to do the following as stated in the thread

  • This thread will be heavily moderated.
  • I cannot talk about any other features aside from what we have discussed already. The topics we're discussing right now are: The tiered structure of the RvR Pack, the raising of RR to 100, Skaven joining the WAR, ORvR being re-envisioned, the new Skaven RvR Area and the reworking of the Renown Ability system.
  • Please simply ask a question, do not add commentary, do not respond to answers. This is a Q&A Thread, not a discussion thread. If you wish to have a discussion, please start another thread.
  • I will do my best to be as forthcoming with information as I am allowed to. Some topics I won't be able to discuss or go into detail on. Flames regarding this will not be tolerated.
  • Please review the entire thread to make sure you're not repeating a question someone else already asked.
Also, anyone like the new banner?  

The below points get me pretty excited, as active renown abilities would really go a long way and I'm all for breaking up the zerg. 

firengrot wrote…


You said you were going to sort of revamp the renow points system. Does the new system will still be based on buying caracteristic points like it is now or will we be able to buy more specials skills like resolute defense? if yes are those new skills be based on archetype?
As we’ve previously stated, we’re seeking to remove the restrictive nature of the current RA system and instead move to something that takes inspiration from the DAOC RA system. Yes we are considering more “active abilities” being part of this redesign, however we’re not quite prepared to discuss what those abilities will be. The one thing I can say about the abilities is that we intend for them to be compelling and unique, much like we want for the new armor set bonuses to be.  - Andy

Tellaria wrote…

With the redesign of ORVR, do you have any plans on getting players away from mindless mobs of the “Zerg” and having people focus more on organization with coordination and strategy?
Design decisions being made now are with the mindset of dispersing the zerg. How we’re accomplishing this, we’re not quite ready to discuss. - Andy

Friday, August 27, 2010

Give an Inch, and They Take a Mile

As I was running in an ORvR group the other night on IR, a funny thing started to happen.  People were complaining about the amount of Renown they were getting, and the state of the Against All Odds mechanic. 

As destruction on Iron Rock, we are constantly outnumbered.  The numbers game is never in our odds, and I would venture to say that it seems to be at a near 2:1 ratio.  With the implement of AAO last week though, the Destruction players hadn't really complained much, till now.  After slowly losing the arduous battles in Chaos Waste and Caledor, the complaints started to roll in:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Thank You to EA Mythic

This morning I wanted to give a thank you to a Mr. Todd Gropp of EA / Mythic.  Although he may not see this blog, I'm hoping that others due and can really see just how much EA / Mythic cares about their customers.

Random Updates

  • Werit has posted some more good info on Skaven and the RvR pack
  • The AAO mechanic is nice, but really out of control in my opinion.  4k per solo kill???
  • Gaarawarr punted me off the Caledor bridge and killed me last night, listening to this.
    • I was trying to be nice!
  • Shadow-War beat the game.  Grats, now get 100.
  • Sver is a Iron Rock Legend, and will be missed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Twitter Much?

So I am slowly going to implement tweeting(?) into my posting.  There are a lot of things I cannot see during my normal posting hours so I'm thinking this is going to help

The Price of Wargh Tweets


Unfortunately I'm at work and can't view the below, but from my droid it looks sweet.  Can you even imagine the possibilities something like this can lead to?
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Weekend Recaps

Well with the weekend come and gone, we did receive a bit more news in regards to the future of Warhammer.  Bootae, Werit, and Gaarawarr all break things down nicely and I'd suggest checking them out.  My feeling are mixed at the moment about the news.  While we all look forward to the more than welcome changes in the ORvR and the campaign overall, I'm really hoping that things do not go the way of Trials of Atlantis as they did with DAoC.  There are definitely great things on the horizon, let's just hope they are implemented correctly. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gamesday, more like a dry hump

Really?  "No Comment"? 

Other than the fact that the new zone will not be accessed in the same way LoTD is, we have essentially learned absolutely nothing of the so called MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. 

Okay, so there is a new zone that is presumed to be Skaven themed.  They are increasing the renown ranks (which was a given), and there are purchasable options with the RvR pack. 

To me this is almost as bad as no news at all.  The Power, Progression, and Personality purchasable expansions better be amazing.  Right now Mythic is doing nothing to help their cause, and only living up to the negative stigma that the whole gaming community has come to expect.

Here's a jump to Werits blog, breaking it all down

Friday, August 20, 2010

Speculation on the Bioware / Mythic Chat

Today 20th August at 15:00pm CET, Bioware Mythic allowed us to ask questions regarding the new “RvR Pack” and below is a complete list of all questions.

Hello everyone, Carrie and Stuart here from BioWare Mythic, coming to you live from GamesCom!!!
Carrie – The news is all being shared at GamesCom, but the press are hitting up a lot of different places, so they need time to write it up! If you’re eager for WAR news, keep an eye out there, we’re giving several interviews a day!

DAoC Realm Ability Examples

With the speculation of "Active" Realm Abilities comming to Warhammer, I figured I'd post the below. These are current  active Realm Abilities in DAoC.  These are all purchasable through use of your "Realm Points" which could be compared to your Renown Points.  Please also keep in mind that each are not simply 1 point, and you may be able to buy them in tiers similar to Warhammer. Obviously these are just an example of some possibilities that could arise with such a system in place.  These can all also be found here and here.

Active Abilities.....

I just wanted to bring to the forefront a post I made in 2009 in regards to Active Abilities. There is currently some speculation that they may return in some form. I for one support active abilities, as I think they really enhance the game. Please keep in mind that the below was written during 1.2, so some information may be a bit outdated. You'll get the idea though...

Bioware Mythic Webchat

Well it looks like there is a webchat being hosted this morning at 9am from Gamescon. I'm hoping to listen in, but it might be difficult for me this morning.

Hopefully we get some more news, and much better information than what has been presented to us already. I'm also fairly interested to hear about DAoC, as that was really the game that brought me into MMO's, and probably the best one I have played to date.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taking Notice

Looks like Mythic has taken notice toward the general feeling of negativity in regards to the "news":

Andy Belford

Created about 9 hours ago

I know that everyone is eagerly anticipating any sort of news regarding the future of WAR. My Apologies for not posting earlier than this (it's about 3 AM here...jetlag is teh debbil.), however after a long day at the show I needed some time to read all of the feedback and fully gather my thoughts. That being said, here goes:

We are not, at this time, prepared or ready to divulge full details of what is being included in the RvR Pack aside from what we will continue to comment on here at GamesCom. Be sure to continue checking your favorite Gaming News outlets for interviews we're conducting while here in Cologne.

There are features that we're simply not ready to discuss yet, however we made a commitment to the Community to have news about the future of WAR before summer's end. Over time, the picture of the RvR Pack will become much clearer as we will continue to involve the players in the development process of WAR.

We want to reiterate that this is a RvR Pack. We are dedicated to our continued focus on WAR as a RvR game.

As Carrie has stated, Free to Play is not something currently in consideration. Something that wasn't mentioned in the article was further explanation on what we mean by the statement "customizing your game experience" (paraphrasing): We currently plan on offering the RvR Pack with multiple purchase options which we're calling Power, Progression and Personality. I'm not ready to go into details on what exactly that means (yes, evil at work, however I just can't right now) but the focus is to allow you to purchase what you want and build your own experience with the new content.

I'm confidant that every talking point we currently have planned to discuss (both at GamesCom and Games Day) will be reported by those in attendance at Baltimore.

I am humbled by the dedication that so many of you have to WAR and it's future. Please stay tuned for more details, "In Development..." posts, Video Grab Bags, Developer Diaries and Dev Q&A's as we bring you updates surrounding this exciting new development for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Hype Machine Strikes Again

Yes, I know it has only been a few days, but the news coming from Gamescom is surely underwhelming so far. Take a look at some comments being made over at Werit. There are several people that are pretty down. This seems to be general consensus throughout forums as well.

That is the big problem about releasing little snippets of information here and there to your general audience.  The player base has largely made this news out to be next to near the savior of Warhammer.  Playable 3rd realms, huge RvR revamps, Vampires, Lizardmen, Skaven..... none of which was ever really even mentioned by Mythic themselves.  People, myself included, hope for the best for games that they love.  They will talk about it as if they actually know what is on the horizon.  Which really only a small handful of people do. 

Do I expect more information coming out of Gamescom over the next few days?  Sure.  But do I expect it to be some groundbreaking news?  Hardly.  If Mythic did announce any of the above I'd be shocked, not to mention ecstatic.  Then again, it might only be adding a little more fuel to the hype machines fire again, at which point I'll simply reference you to this.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1.3.6 and the Future

Well so far so good it seems for 1.3.6. Only time will really tell just how effective the new bonus to renown / xp / influence system is. As it is right now, I don't feel it has really done much to improve the so called balance we are looking for on Iron Rock.

The appearance system is a nice addition, but as I am currently playing a marauder I honestly can't find to many different looking pieces. That said it isn't really something that is going to affect me at the moment. Perhaps with the system in place it will shed some light on just how little, different looking armor there really is. I'd predict that everyone is going to be wearing the same thing, which really will make those looks stale after a while.

The patch itself went in pretty smoothly, with servers only coming down for a quick maintenance afterwards. I've noticed a little more lag around IC, but that could just be me.

We've also had some news from Gamescon in regards to the future of WAR. Looks like an increased renown cap and skaven are the biggest additions as of now. Should be some more on the near horizon though. It almost seems as if skaven will not be playable, at least playable in the way we are used to anyway. More details will be forthcoming though so we shall see.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's to Hoping

So the day is upon us with what everyone believes to be patch 1.3.6. I know I for one am really hoping that a lot of these changes being put in go a long way toward the future of this game.

There are several nice changes in this patch, along with the standard slew of bug fixes. I'm hoping the graphical bug that takes place when you change tactics while mounted is finally gona, as it really annoys me.

In addition we will be seeing some Zealot / Runepriest changes, the appearence system, auction house changes, LoTD tweaks, and the Against All Odds system for RvR.

While most of the above seems very nice, I am most interested in the Against All Odds system. What it does is increase the amount of experience, renown, and influence you receive when you are outnumbered in an RvR zone. These increases can be as much as 400%! I am really hoping that this helps promote some smaller scale PvP. I truely believe this game needs more 6 and 12 man RvR content to become more successful. Whether people know it or not, I think everyone benefits from it.

When you have good small man groups roaming the RvR zones, players recognize that. They want to go up against them. They want that sense of "OMG here comes xxx guild". It brings them out to the lakes more than any keep taking or BO humping could. With that it also brings more of a community feeling to a realm, instilling a common goal of defeating those groups, and not just defending an NPC Lord. It also helps promote individual players for their accomplishments, and recognizable faces to everyone. Right now on Iron Rock, sure I know some opposing Order, but not for the right reasons. There isn't a single person or group who I would feel nervous or anxious about fighting. That is a feeling I think most crave for though, in order to prove to our allies, foes, and ourselves that we are more than just another player lost amongst the zerg.

Monday, August 16, 2010


If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble

Elbert Hubbard

As we sit and wait this morning for tomorrow's patch along with the long awaited news from Mythic / Bioware about what most are hoping for a new expansion, I am near giddy with excitement. Really other than a new Sovereign set for me though, nothing crazy is on the upcoming horizon.

With the Warhammer Blogosphere going crazy over the news Mythic will dish out at Gamescon, I really hope everyone's anticipation is not for nothing. The player base for the game I feel is steady right now and it worries me that if a major expansion is not released a lot of subscribers will leave. Only time will tell I suppose, but here's to hoping we receive the news we have been pretty much begging for.

On this Monday I'd like to give a thanks to Werit as well. As a community leader he took the time to even acknowledge this new blog on his site, and it does not go unnoticted. Everyone should hop on over there for some great reads. To any other blog / writer who threw this in their blogroll, thank you as well.

Friday, August 13, 2010

1.3.6 Friendly Collision Update

Well it looks like the devs have decided not to implement the Friendly Collision Detection that everyone has been toying with over the past few weeks. I for one feel as if this is a good thing.

It was nice to see developers really listening to the community about what amounts to be such a profound change. Implementing friendly collision detection could drastically alter game play and the combat system itself. While everyone wants a better and more fluid game, no one wants it at the cost of the strategy and combat that the game has already.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open RvR in Warhammer

In addition to letting everyone in on the tens of thousands of dollars spent (by me), and alienating your family and friends, I’ll also be throwing out complete banter about Warhammer Online and MMO’s in general. I’m currently playing Warhammer and have been since well before release.

Over at Wasdstomp, a little bit of a rant caught my attention about why Open World RvR “sucks”. This got me thinking, and I feel as if I need to respond to defend what I feel is a solid RvR game. By no means do I think it is flawless, but I do believe that since inception the game has evolved more into what players are looking for in a RvR based game.

I completely understand Wasdstomps frustrations about running for hours with what seemed like the hopes of a city siege, only to have people leave after locking zones. But this does lead to many other PvP opportunities in the game itself that actually promote your idea of not getting to a city every 3 hours. Yes, LotD opened. And just as the hordes of destruction ran there as they obtained access so did the hordes of order when they did. Why not go attempt to clear it for your realm mates? It’s definitely a shift in the monotony that locking zones sometimes brings, and it’s a heck of a good time.

The main actual problem I feel about the ORvR in Warhammer is one thing that you apparently enjoyed more than anything, and that is the zerging throughout the zones. When people think of Open World RvR, I’m pretty sure that they don’t imagine themselves running from BO to BO, and Keep to Keep with 100 other people just to lock the actual openness of the RvR. Yes, people can still go to the zones once they lock, but there is really no incentive to due to the shroud pulled over our eyes of zone flips and the domination system. There are too many zones, too many small maps, and too constrained of routes, and too little consequences for Open World RvR to be perfectly placed in the game of Warhammer as it is today. With such constraints currently enacted, it promotes the zerg mentality that is instilled in the majority of players. It makes small man RvR near irrelevant, and soloing a thing of the past and a lost art. The lack of pride in the game is due to this fact. When you run with 100 people, no real leadership or sense of worth is established. You simply just run to the next point wiping everything in your path. All strategy is out the window and the thought of actually losing something is long gone.

So yes, it is flawed, but I don’t think it should be completely dismissed. The combat is good, things are (for the most part) pretty balanced and there is always action somewhere if you’re looking for it. If some of the things I touched on here are addressed, I really think the community would be ecstatic. And let’s be honest, Mythic/Bioware is certainly attempting to address issues as best they can to improve the game and promote a long and healthy subscriber base.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$15 a Month

$15 a month. Certainly doesn’t seem like that much right? For only $180 a year you can have near countless hours of entertainment right at your fingertips. You can battle through Azeroth, take keeps through Reikland, or capture a Relic away from Midguard, only for a mere $15. But is that the only real cost to consider in today’s MMO? Most doubtful…

Throughout this blog you are going to begin to realize the actual cost to you when partaking in the pay to play world. Sometimes the costs are going to be more than you could ever realize. Not only monetarily speaking, but socially as well.

I’ll show you how over the span of just a few years, someone can (and have) spend over $30,000 on today’s MMO’s. How you will build meaningful relationships and how you can lose out on some of the most important ones. I’ll bring forward to you the doubt cast on you by friends and family, and the dependence that these games can instill on ones psyche. Most importantly I’ll show you how you can achieve more than you ever expected, and how to lose more than you could ever imagine.

All that, for only $15 a month