Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keeping it Fresh

During my usual trolling of blogs and forums this morning, I came across Wasdstomp's, in regards to the mass exodus that certainly does appear to be happening to Badlands.  I can certainly relate to what he is saying.  I originally started playing Order on Phoenix Throne which slowly went to the wayside.  Then deciding to roll Destruction on Dark Crag, which again, slowly came to an end.  Now I find myself on Iron Rock as Destruction, and again it has the feeling as if it is slowly progressing to the abyss known as deletion.  Although Destro does its best to combat the massive outnumbering they have against them, there is not much we can do.  This really leads to a loss of moral within the losing realm, and slowly creates the "grass might be greener" feeling.  Something a third realm certainly would help with, but that's for another post.

I guess my question to everyone is, just what do you do to keep a game fresh in a situation like we have now?  A lot of people are rerolling on Badlands, which appears to be the last server of true hope for Warhammer.  I have had a few guildees reroll there, but I just can't get into it.  I don't want to move servers again.  It is just so tiring I guess.

I myself have been playing a plethora of alts.  Moving from my Marauder, to Sorc, to WE, to DoK, to Zealot, and now back to DoK.  I've tried PvE'ing with Hunters Vale this past week, which for me is a huge stretch as I despise PvE.  I've tried playing around in T1 and T2, but it's just not the same as the T4 campaign.  I'm trying totally random mastery paths.  The fact remains though, that I am still being defeated by much superior numbers.  How much longer can I really take?  I don't mind losing, but sometimes I feel Destro doesn't stand a chance. 

Now I know plans are on the horizon that will be implemented to help break up zergs.  This very well may help the population imbalances the servers are currently facing.  It just can't come fast enough at this point.  I'm afraid with the trend that we are seeing now, people will start to just cancel subscriptions and move on.  Mythic can't afford that.  The servers can't afford that.  The Warhammer community can't afford that.  So again I ask as we wait for 1.4, what things are you doing to keep things fresh?

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