Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End Game Debate

This morning Werit posted the remaining Q&A from Andy over on the forums, and something really struck me odd.  It was actually what I had touched on at the end of my post from this morning, Alt-Itis,  Just what struck me as odd is as follows:

Do you feel there will be greater limitation on accessibility of city sieges (endgame content) for casual players vs hardcore players, which may inadvertently tailor the game to people who can be online greater amounts of time? If no, can you please explain why?

There will always be somewhat of a divide between Hardcore and Casual players. Sure someone whom is more casual is able to go into a city and get Sov armor, but when exactly will they be able to wear it? As things stand right now, WAR
can be viewed as a backwards achievement in gear progression. The high end gear isn't uber difficult to come by, however the capability to use it requires a significant investment of time. 

Of course we're going to continue to work to keep WAR
accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of playstyle,  however there are some things which are simply a matter of time invested. ~ Andy
 Here is the problem I have with the above answer from Andy.....it's completely wrong.

Over the past week I have touched on my troubles my Rank 80 Marauder has been having in attaining his full set of Sovereign armor.  At the rate I'm going it will take somewhere along the lines of another six months before I complete my very first set.  I know that I am not the only player with this issue. 

Here is another problem I have, and that is the absolute ease it takes to rank up your renown.  Over the course of my....travels....I have come across a variety of different accounts and characters.  One in-particular that I came across last night.  It is that of a Renown Rank 71.5 character, that was leveled to Rank 40, and Renown Rank 71.5 in less than a single month.  Please see below:

Account Created on 08/18/10, and Rank 71.5 on 09/06/10...at the latest  

Proof of the Rank and Renown

Now you will have to forgive me for not releasing the character name or server, but I absolutely assure you this is the case.  Should someone from EA / Mythic inquire, I would be more than happy to provide information. 

Clearly based on the above, it is apparent that it can hardly take any time at all to achieve these high renown ranks to obtain end game gear.  This character, after not even a single month of play, can begin wearing their end game gear.  Problem is, he only has a mere 5 Royal Crests.   Now if this character were to raid the city as lockout timers allowed, and won every time, it would take them over a year and a half to obtain their Sovereign.  Clearly an issue.  Which issue is worse though?  The fact that this character was leveled so highly, so quickly?  Or the fact that now this character will have to take so long to get their gear?  Hopefully Mythic can address these issues sooner rather than later. 


  1. Ok...if I may say, this post is odd. I am not sure how you have this data (is it YOURS? do you work for Mythic?).
    I guarantee the only reason this person is such a high Rank and RR is they were power leveled. Someone was on 24/7 doing this.
    As well, I think they had help (pl services for example will have teams of order and destro on same server...and they will just go kill each other to get the xp and renown)
    As I noted previously in my blog post about the "medallions" discrepancy, I was on for around 16 hours. I did keep takes, zone flips, BO's...and even a scenario.

    I did not gain one single renown level.

    How is that possible when this person achieved 71 renown levels in 1 month?

    So, somehow this does not mesh with what I have seen. At most, I could see a 40/40 by the end of the month...and that is pushing it.


  2. Ranknvile, yes this is my account. And I agree that yes this character was powerleveled probably 24/7.

    In the years that I have been privy to account buying and selling I can guarantee that there are a lot of other accounts out there exactly like this one.

  3. Actually, I leveled my WPs renown from 52 something to over 70 in two weeks following the EU transfer to Mythic, when we had double renown for more than 2 weeks. I did play quite a lot, but not nearly all day, all the time. So I think with 2 people playing an account it's more than doable without double renown.