Saturday, September 4, 2010

Follow Up to the Royal Crest Problem

Just following up on my post from yesterday, I decided to do the very simple math and calculate the number of days it would take for you to attain enough Royal Crests through city sieges in order to complete your Sovereign set.  With having a lockout timer of 5 days, it would take you 705 days and 141 instances to complete your set.  Now obviously you can obtain Royal Crests outside of the cities, but not really that many. 

With the above being the case, it would take you 1.93 years for your full set of gear.  That's right, nearly TWO full years for your (as it is now) end game gear.  Yes it will be shorter than that for most, as you still get crests for losing and you may win some more here and there.  Let's face it though, what would that bring it down to....One and a half years? 

Need to Up-convert
 This is just awful in my opinion.  It is entirely possible for someone to never win a gold bag, unlikely yes, but possible.  Crests need to be able to up-convert, period.  I mean what can even be viewed as a best case scenario here?  It take you only a single year to get all your gear?  Seriously?  This needs to change.  For a rank 80 player having nothing else to gain, this is pretty unacceptable.  Not to mention with the inclusion of AAO recently there will only be more and more high ranking players needed their Sovereign gear.  Are they all supposed to be expected to wait this long? 

Fix it Mythic, it's high time you do.  You have done so much for the game over the last six months, it would be a shame to neglect such a fundamental flaw in the system now.  

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