Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to Kill

Late last week Rancid had posted his Q&A with developer Nate Levy.  The very first question was that of Time to Kill, which is exactly what it sounds like.  I was happy to see that TTK was a bit to quick in their eyes, as it is in mine as well. 

Nate is exactly right in that TTK is a very delicate thing to change, and has a plethora of aspects behind it other than just straight damage.  With the inclusion of the new Sovereign armor sets, yes, TTK will be slower....but not slow enough.  Because such a low population of the player base has Sov. gear, it isn't something that is greatly noticed right now.  With the extra renown incentives and announcements of two sets of gear for other sets in the future, TTK will be noticeably affected. 

How Badass does he look?
There are some other things though that need to take place, other than the implementation of new armor.  Bootae posted last week that he was dissapointed with the resist aura nerf in 1.3.6, which is understandable from the perspective of his Chosen solely.  He had been running S&B, and from the sounds of it doing well while solo.  He says in his entry that he felt like much more of a threat with a S&B than he does now and perhaps that is one of the problems in the TTK being to quick argument.  That of which S&B tanks were hitting to hard, and actually being a threat when it comes to the actual killing of an enemy through damage. 

Now don't get me wrong as I'm all for a DPS tank, but I do believe that they should have to do so at the cost of their S&B.  Let's face it, how many times have we seen that higher rank tank in a sword and shield able to fend off  and defeat 3+ enemies?  I know I have on certainly more than one occasion.  Sword and Board tanks should need to adjust their play style in order to be a threat, maybe to that of a crowd control or disruptor. 

While the resist nerf did hurt Chosen in their soloing abilities, it hurts other careers as well.  Any other career that is grouped with that Chosen who also uses spirit damage took some sort of a hit.  Specifically the AoE abilities that Nate addressed in his Q&A.  We have to remember though that decisions like these were made at the global level, and not just from the perspective of one.  These are done for the betterment of the game and I for one am glad they are doing so, as it proves to me that the devs do care about the future of WAR.

As a side note, I hope Bootae doesn't mind me stealing the picture of his Chosen.  You'd just be hard pressed to find a better looking one anywhere. 


  1. I'm appalled at how effective the higher realm rank tanks are. It maybe they are played well. But on my BW it's a real struggle to make any impression on them. I've seen some tanks take 30+ seconds with 6 people hammering away. That can't be right.

  2. Touches on my point exactly. Nate specifically says in his interview:

    "don’t overlook the basic reality that if eight people happen to all target and focus on a single enemy…that enemy is pretty much going to explode."

    Clearly this isn't the case as far as tanks go. The biggest problem is that they still have the ability to kill people while such a great mass of numbers beats on them.