Monday, November 29, 2010

Melee Healers And Why They Don't Need Nerfed

There has been talk recently (actually it's been going on since day 1) about melee healers and how they tend to be over powered.  I must say that I used to feel the same way, but after thinking about it rationally I have changed my opinion. 

Both DoK's and WP's are very hard to kill.  Both of them have great group heals, making up for their lack of single target healing viability.  Those two points tend to be the most complained about aspect.  There are also complaints of their melee abilities, detaunts, armor.....etc..

I feel as if they can't be OP.  Reason being is that both sides, Order and Destruction, have access to them.  If you really feel they are that overpowering, roll one.  Zealots and Runepriests have better single target healing, and insta cast heals.  This enables them to heal themselves on the run.  AM and Shaman have good group utilities in buffs and hots.  DoKs and WPs have the group heal.  Why must a "squishy" healer have the best of everything?  As a DoK, I certainly can't run around as heal spec and expect to effectively heal my group.  I have to stand there and just take it like a man.  This is why they wear heavy armor. 

People argue that they are melee healers, and as such should have to melee in order to heal their group.  Honestly I don't get this really at all.  Should AM's and Shaman have to DoT up people in order to heal their group?  After all, that's how their mechanic works.  If you really want DoK's and WP's to melee only, there are some big changes that would have to happen, such as the below:
  • Change regen rate of Soul Essence
  • Make Rend Soul a group heal
  • Add SE regen to offhand weapons, not just books / chalices
  • Rend Soul / Consume Essence may have to ignore armor
Those are just a few things that come to mind.  If you don't change those things then a melee healer simply becomes just another melee character.  Other healing classes do not have to worry about SE regen or armor factor of an opposing player when healing.  If a DoK or WP could only melee to heal, how would they be an effective healer at all?  Especially with the addition of the new armor sets, Fortitude, and new Realm Abilities. 

If anyone can please provide rational ideas to the so called problem, please feel free to present them.  Other than that, stop your whining. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ding, Yet Another 40.

This time it was another DoK.  Yes, another.  This is my third.  Reason I had finished leveling was simple really, I only want to have a single account.  At the moment I have entirely to many accounts, most with only a single character on it.  I decided there is no reason to keep more than one subscription active, so I had been leveling characters recently.  This however leaves me with quite a few accounts that I'll more than likely never play again.  What to do, what to do?  Per the EULA, I can transfer the rights to an account.  Maybe I'll just raffle them away?  Perhaps have some kind of question posed on the site and whoever gets the answer correct first wins?  Eh....dunno about that.  Are there many people out there who even want a high ranking Zealot, Choppa, DoK, BO, WE, SH?  Those are just a few accounts mind you. 

Anyway, after finishing my DoK yesterday, a few guildmates and I ran Eternal Citadel a few times.  I must say it's good fun, when matched up correctly.  When you get a Premade Vs. Pug though, forget about it.  /AFK a few minutes.  Is the scenario matchmaking system working properly yet?  I felt like it was much of the same yesterday.  I wish more details of the system were released so we knew how it worked, but I do know how that could lead to potential exploits. 

Another thing I realized yesterday is that DoK's are disgusting as a healer.  I'm only renown rank 31, but I was dishing out near 200k in heals in EC.  AoE detaunt is great, and the tactic choices I have as a healer are very nice.  I've never seriously played a DoK as a healer before, anyone have any suggestions for me?  I'm sure there is a ton I could learn. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

$414, is that enough?

As a follow up to this post, I wanted to touch on the dramatic rise in prices for a Warhammer Online account.  As predicted, the new Skaven and RvR patch has really brought out people from the woodwork, and populations have grown quite significantly over the past few days.  With such a turn around happening, more and more people are selling and buying Warhammer accounts.  It's easier than ever to remain anonymous with the new server transfers, and with EULA it is even apparently legal to transfer ownership of an account.  

Over the past few days I have been scouring the auction sites to find a price range that we are looking at.  There have been highs as much as $1,000 and lows as little as $60 that I could find.  Both for a single renown rank 80 character.  In finding the average price, I went through dozens of auctions looking for what sellers were getting for their accounts.  The answer is actually more than I thought, $414. 

Is $414 enough though for you to sell your account?  All that time invested for $414? For a single character, I would say yes.  For an account with multiple characters, which most of us have now, probably not.  Keep in mind I would not purchase any account for such a steep price, as I feel it is much easier to level now than ever before.  With the recent poll I had going, there was a 50/50 split on whether or not people would sell for $1,000.  I'd imagine the figures would drastically change with the price point of $414.  With the current state of Warhammer, what would you pay for an account?  What if it were rank 100, with all the end game gear?  That might be something to think about, as we're sure to see them for sale soon...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

So Far, So Good

Initial impressions are in for 1.4 and the new expansions, and all signs point to go.  With the exception of city sieges actually occurring more frequently and lag from the recent onset of new players, the patch has gone off without much of a hitch.

On Iron Rock, the population boost is a very welcome addition.  We all knew that subscribers would come back, but weren't really sure of the numbers.  I would say that we have seen a near doubling of players on IR, just a guestimate though.

There will be some patches in the near future for sure.  Things to address server stability first and foremost.  I've had a few client crashes when around heavily populated keeps, as have others.  They also must address keep difficulty and the rate of which cities are sieged.  I foresee those changes taking place rather quickly.

I kind of wish another week or two of testing on the PTS would have taken place, but I understand the hurry that EA/Mythic is in with Cataclysm due out soon.  They couldn't risk losing more of a population to WoW again.  It was a good choice.

So with that said, good luck in 1.4 and enjoy the plethora of city sieges while they last.  I'm sure that thing's are going to be changing in the near future, and constant city sieges will be a thing of the past.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love Ya, Tomorrow

It's only a day away!

That's right folks, 1.4 and the RvR Packs are only a single day away.  Tomorrow, I'm assuming after patching, the EA Store will have the RvR Packs available for purchase and we'll be on our way to Rank 100!  Not to mention doing it with snazzy new pets and maybe a face lift for a few of us.

I'd like everyone to keep in mind that while we are all very giddy with anticipation now, tomorrow is still a patch day.  We all know what usually happens with bigger patches, so please do not be glum should there be some issues.  I expect crashes, slow downloads, and lag.  Let's not add to it with whining on blogs and forums, and unsubscribing.

After thinking about it a bit, I've decided I'll be playing my Marauder with the patch.  Then again, I'm a constant flip flopper so we'll see how long that lasts.  We'll also see if the general populations increase at all over the next few days.  I'd expect them to, at least a bit.

So today, everyone enjoy your last experiences with the current renown and scenario systems.  Stock up on any potions, liniments, dyes, or whatever think you will benefit from after we patch.  I'd also recommend checking out the new Renown and Character Builders that are available.  There are going to be a lot of options, and I'd advise at least getting to know them a little bit beforehand.

Oh yah, before I forget.  Carrie mentioned on twitter that "More Sex" was a feature people were looking for, so you never know just what we'll get tomorrow!  I mean how many more positions can we see a damn near naked Witch Elf in?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Developer Live Stream Q and A! - 11/17/2010

Be sure to check out the Herald, and the Livestream event that is taking place tomorrow (11/17/10) at 7PM EST!

Here is the direct link to the stream for your reference!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Decisions decisions.  With 1.4 coming out this Thursday, I have a lot to think about.  Mostly, what in the hell class do I choose?  Here are my options:

  • Rank 80 Marauder
  • Rank 80 WE
  • Rank 60 SH
  • Rank 65 Sorc
  • Rank 30 Zealot
Recently, I've been leveling and loving the Zealot, but how long will that love affair last?  I mean, he's a healer.  Something I'm not really accustom to playing.  I've also been playing the SH more recently, with the others shelved.  But again I have the dilemma of playing the Marauder with the new buffs they will be receiving, which will be awesome.  

I just can't decide.  From the above, it looks like I've all but ruled out the WE.  She just doesn't interest me as much right now, as I just don't feel as if they bring as much to a group as my other choices.  I also feel like I'm nixxing the Sorc, as I'd much rather play the SH as a ranged dps.  

Only time will tell I suppose, and that time is only a mere few days away.  Who's ready?  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the....Old?

With the onset of the Verminous Horde, there are sure to be more than a few new subscribers over the next few weeks.  Overall, the reviews from the PTS have been on the good side, and forums are giddy with anticipation for the new ORvR content.  Things really are looking on the up and up for the game, and I am very pleased with how things are turning out.

Over the past few months, we have really seen Mythic step up their efforts to lure back old players.  Free T1 play forever, Free 10 days with no cc info, Free transfers for people away for 3 months.  Not to mention all of the press they have been slowly releasing with the upcoming patch.  While I'm sure a there have been a few former subscribers to again pay to play, what about the literally hundreds of thousands that are still out there?  If you all remember, Warhammer Online started with something like 1,000,000 original game sells (please feel free to correct me, this is from memory) turn creating that number of accounts.  What is the population now though?  100,000 max?  Obviously EA does not release those numbers, but we are all more than aware of the current state of the realms.

Please don't get me wrong here, I am in no way trying to bash the game.  Tonight I was talking to my brother-in-law who previously played a Rune Priest on Phoenix Throne.  I always try to pressure him to come back, and of course I told him about the new stuff coming in.  Unfortunately though, the beginning of Warhammer really tainted the game for him.  Thus, I truly believe he will never again play.  He, like many others, really hated Warhammer originally.  Justifiably so, as there was not much to offer.  But there is so much more to the game now, and it has grown by leaps and bounds recently.  So much has been added over the past year, and I really feel terrible for those who did not stick through till now.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that my brother-in-law, and others, would surely love the new content.  The RvR is great, and getting better.  The renown abilities will be completely game changing.  Time-To-Kill is slower.  Scenario matchmaking.  More attainable gear.  More customizations.  Just so much more coming into the ever changing world of Warhammer.  How else can Mythic get back a larger part of those old subscribers?

I definitely foresee a jump in the numbers over the next few weeks and months.  Maybe as many as 10,000 even.  How though can Mythic go beyond that, to say 500,000?   What other ideas can they come up with to entice players back?  A free month?  A free rank 40/40?  A free "re-enlistment" weapon?  Maybe something that can be traded between characters on an account?  I know they are doing a lot, but I believe more can be done.  I'm not putting this out there to bash, but putting it out there to garner some positive feedback which is hopefully seen by someone in a position to change things.  So with all that said, all ideas are welcome.  Please leave a comment or send some tweets to @Andy_Mythic with ideas.  Let's get this game the attention it deserves.

1.4 Renown Builder

Not sure if it's been seen yet, but I came across this new Renown Builder today.  I'd suggest everyone check it out.  Coupled with Werits Arsenal of War and The WARdrobe, we may have all we need!

I also came across a new Career Builder called, Warspec.  I'm gonna try that out as well. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rise of Warhammer Online, an Account Price Perspective

Example Account Selling
With the announcement of the RvR Packs and 1.4 coming to a near paramount, I think we are about to see a sharp rise in the amount of subscriptions that Warhammer has open.  Obviously this can be surmised from what we have seen recently.  The PTS server being full (no, I didn't get on) being one example the other night.  There has also been a pretty good reception of the price points of the soon to be released RvR Pack, and the Verminous Horde.  One other thing that has led me to believe that Warhammer is again on the rise, is the prices now that accounts are being sold for.  Yeah yeah I know it's illegal to sell / buy accounts, but the fact of the matter remains that it's being done and will continue to be until something is done by Mythic to prevent it. 

Recently on various account buying and selling sites, prices for Warhammer Online accounts has sky rocketed.  Over the past year or so, the median price point for a renown rank 70 character has been $150.  Yes, they could have definitely been found for less.  However over the past few weeks, these sites have boasted accounts of renown rank 80's for upwards of $1,000!  Pretty crazy right?  After all Warhammer is not WoW, where accounts have been sold for well over $10,000.  In my mind in no way does a rank 80 account, let alone any account, justify the price of $1,000.  If you take a closer look at the picture to the right, you will see a total of five accounts for sale, for well over the price of $300.  A price which I feel is more realistic for a rank 80 character. 

No I don't expect most people to believe that $300 is a fair price, but to be quite honest, it is.  In the past I have done plenty of account buying and selling, and can promise you that NO ACCOUNT is worth more than this.  No matter the gear, rank, characters, etc...  If your plan is to just sell an account, never put more than a single character on it.  So what is prompting people now then to ask such absurdly high prices for their accounts now?  Is it what is on the horizon for Warhammer?  I'd like to think so.  One thing you can always break it down to is supply and demand. 

Form w/ Account Selling
Accounts have been selling like hot cakes over the past few weeks.  An account is posted on a site, and usually within 48 hours it is sold.  This was rarely the case over the last year, as near all Warhammer accounts went unsold.  You couldn't give a Warhammer account away until recently.  Now it would seem you would be hard pressed to find a reasonably priced account for Warhammer.  I hate to say it (and do not condone it any longer) but now would be a great time to sell your account, if you're looking for a quick cash grab. 

Another reason I believe accounts have been selling more recently, is that it can most definitely be done now with a sense of anonymity.  The recent addition of $20 server transfers has enabled this.  Someone can go buy an account, transfer servers, and no one would be the wiser now.  There are some that say $20 for a single character transfer is nuts, and I agree.  But for someone who just spend XXX number of dollars for an account, $20 is more than reasonable for a sense of security from other players. 

So be ready to see a bunch of new high ranking players on your server who you don't recognize, because they are coming.  People want to play Warhammer now, and it has been showing in the amount of account buying and selling that has been taking place.  While I don't condone, it selling your account gets you an easy way to several hundred dollars if not more.  If you could make upwards of $1,000 for your account, would you sell? 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Where is my Snotling? and EA Discount Codes!

Why can I no longer purchase a Snotling?  I would think that if any items were still available to purchase it would be that, due to the 3% speed bonus granted.  I sincerely hope this is just an oversight, and not something that is gone for good.  Maybe I just can't find it at the EA Store? 

Also, here are a few discount codes I came across that work at the EA Store, so enjoy
  • EASTORE10 - Save 10%
  • VoucherCodes.com25% - Save 25%

Thursday, November 4, 2010

@Andy_Mythic - Scenario Matchmaking

Well if any of you follow Twitter, you may want to add @Andy_Mythic to your following list.  Today he tweeted the following:
Coming in 1.4: Scenario Matchmaking system...more details soon!
Dun Dun Dun!  What could it mean?  Who really knows?  My guess is something to level out the Renown Rank of players who join a given scenario.  Hopefully it also involves cross server queuing.  Only time will tell I guess. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mythic Certainly Gives Us Material

Well if there is one thing that is true of EA / Mythic, it's that they certainly give us plenty of material to write and talk about.  As I'm sure everyone has seen, the new "Account Entitlements" have gone public.  All of which don't leave people with the feeling of entitlement at all.  These "Micro-Transactions" as they had been deemed could not be further off base. 

Here are some examples of player frustrations:
Mythics pricing scheme, in my opinion, is completely off base.  $20 for a SINGLE character to move?  Yes I know WoW has a similar pricing plan, but guess what, this game is by no means WoW.  $10 for a SINGLE level?  Really?  I could go buy a Renown Rank 80 character should I choose to, with minimal effort, for $60. 

Who is in charge over there at EA/Mythic, and with Warhammer?  Are they really out of touch with their own game?  It is very disturbing to me, and a lot of other players.  While these entitlements could have been one of the best things seen for Warhammer in quite some time, the complete opposite reaction of what I'm sure they had been expecting has happened.  

icon New Account Entitlements come to WAR!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning proudly introduces an all new service for our players; Account Entitlements!  These services are available now for purchase from the EA store and include the following features offered at special introductory prices:
  • Server Transfer - $19.99 USD, this will grant you a code that can be redeemed for one server transfer for a single character. 
  • Starter Mount Pack – $8.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain a mount usable at level 2 giving players a 25% speed boost and have a 100% chance to dismount upon damage.
  • Trusty Mount Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain your choice of a new mount usable at level 20 giving players mounts of up to 60% speed boost and have a 55% chance to dismount upon damage
  • Trinkets of the World Pack – $4.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive two tokens to spend at the new Trophy Vendor in the capital cities. Each token can be used to purchase one of 14 different trophies.
  • Specialized Training Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will recieve one War Tract that will allow them to immediately advance one full level when used
  • Herald Pet Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will be granted adoption papers to the Snotling Herald vanity pet. This pet will follow you around and give you a boost!

Account entitlements are now available, so be sure to visit the EA Store today to check them out! 

(Prices may vary by region, please refer to the EA Store for pricing)
Not to sure how I feel about these yet.  $10 for a single level is crazy.  I can go buy a rank 80 for $50 should I want to.  I don't really find anything to appealing here I guess.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

More of the Same

Ugh, nothing but more of the same tonight on Iron Rock.  Little Destruction resistance against quadruple our numbers of high ranking Order.  Not much fun right now.  It doesn't help that scenarios don't pop because Order is wide eyed for their free bags.  Destro is pretty much left mailbox humping yet again. 

Other than play yet another alt, anyone have any ideas of just what to do?  I want to play my squiggy, yet can't due to the fact that it is just completely ineffective, and 0 fun against such overwhelming odds.  

Obligation to End Game

The current state of Warhammer on Iron Rock is less than appealing. People are leaving for other games or other servers left and right, and it really leaves the server to be dead at most times. Another issue is the severe population gap between Order and Destruction. I cannot remember the last time Destro outnumbered our Order counterparts, and often we are outnumbered 3 and 4 to 1. Yes the AAO is nice, but let’s be honest here; eventually you get tired of being rolled due to numbers alone.

Yesterday afternoon was a prime example of our server population, or lack thereof. Order, with relative ease, pushed IC with no real resistance at all. So, in the hopes of me winning a gold / purp bag, I joined my first city instance immediately after the zones locked. Obviously I zone in and check out the scenario scoreboard to find that I had been put up against the usual Order premade of high renown ranking characters. I waited a few minutes for a few more Destro to show up, but only a handful did. Just enough to fill out two groups, so I left. After returning to the Maw, I waited about five minutes and joined another scenario. I was placed in a completely new instance, but it was much of the same. Destro could only manage to fill a few groups against another Order premade. So again, I left. Rinse and repeat several times over, and upon entering three completely different city sieges, it was the same story in each. I even wound up in the same instance on two separate occasions, and neither was nearly close to filling a single warband. Clearly, it is evident that the population is completely out of whack. Do you really expect a Destro player to sit through a city siege for 30 minutes (estimate) for a single Royal Crest? Hardly worth it. At that rate, it would take roughly…..oh I dunno…..100 years to complete a Sovereign set.

Much to my chagrin I hopped on my DoK alt and played around in T3, which low and behold was rocking with action. But that’s the problem; T3 was filled up with great action while a freaking city siege was taking place. It’s sad that no one even cares anymore. It’s just another day on Iron Rock with Destro being beat down. People have grown tired of it, and could care less about IC.

I think something needs to happen that would make it so it is more beneficial to defend your city, rather than to just hop on an alt. Maybe if the opposing side is victorious, you cannot gain access to LoTD for a full day, or you gain a reduced amount of XP for your realm. Maybe even close off IC for more than a few hours, something like a complete day. Right now there is just no incentive to defend your realm on Iron Rock. Hopefully this changes with the implementation of 1.4 and the RvR changes, but unless there is a major population shift I can’t see it.