Friday, September 17, 2010

Gamers Unite - Brian Wood Memorial Trust

As an avid reader of online publications, I came across a write up on Yahoo! that really caught my attention.  It really stuck out in my mind as something everyone should get behind.  It is about a game designer, Brian Wood, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver earlier this month. 

I'd encourage everyone to take a minute and give the article a read.  As a gamer I can appreciate the time he took to make our lives enjoyable.  As a new father I can appreciate the sacrifice he made for his family.  While in the gaming world, we sometimes can forget even for a second that real life supersedes everything, but that's what the game is created for.  As Brian was someone who created environments to help forget our real life issues for a few moments, let's get together and help his family out with one of their own. 

The Brian Wood Memorial Trust has been created to help his wife and baby through this difficult time for them.  I recommend everyone go ahead and donate, even if it's a single dollar.  Brian's wife and baby would definitely appreciate it. 

Brian's wife, Erin, has also released an email to the general gaming community thanking everyone for their support.  In the letter it talks about how close knit the gaming community is and how special gamers are as people.  Let's show her just how close knit we are, and help her and the new baby out.

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