Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iron Rock And The Future

After reading Wasdstomps post about Badlands and what the future may entail, I figured I'd shoot out issues that may plague the smaller population servers (like Iron Rock).  Wasdstomp brings up some very valid questions about the future of Badlands, and ones that will definitely need answered.  They have already been taking steps to address population issues on Badlands, as seen by the ending of trial accounts and free character transfers to the server.  I would imagine that the free character transfers will extend to paid character transfers, once that service is implemented.  Although that certainly does depend on the current state of the game / server at that time.

Character Transfers Coming to Warhammer

What will happen to Iron Rock though?  And Volkmar for that matter?  These are smaller population servers.  How are they going to maintain that population if they do promote more server transfers?  I don't think a mega server is the answer, right now anyway.  It would just create to many issues.  People like options.  Not to mention the horrendous lag that certainly become prevalent from such a change.  I also don't think that things like double renown / xp will do much to entice a player to move to that server. 

Ultimately I think Mythic / EA is hoping for a new influx of people, that only have the option of rolling on a new server.  With the new RvR packs on the way along with the already implemented city changes, now would be a good time for a PR and Marketing campaign to restore a solid population base to Warhammer.  It seems as though Andy and Carrie have been doing a lot of promotion recently for the upcoming patch, but perhaps that is only the beginning.  New subscribers are necessary, and money will have to be spent outside of just new patches to entice people to come back to Warhammer. 

Only time will tell I suppose, but hopefully everything is working out for the better as we all believe it is.

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