Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let the Flaming Begin!

Obviously with any potentially good news, there are those who only can see it as potentially bad.  Gamesday has been talked about by everyone now to death it seems and while most are excited and really looking forward to the change, there are others who pretty much have written off Warhammer because of the new information.  Why such hate? 

Yes, I understand the game may not be what you wanted or expected since launch.  It has most certainly taken a turn for the better recently.  Yes, there are sure to be flaws with any new system that is going to be put in place.  Can we at least reserve judgement for the PTS?  I must admit, that I myself am guilty of being frustrated with the information that has come out recently.  Not because the content is bad, but because I just want more!  There are some though that are just trashing every aspect of the information that was released over the weekend.  Saying the implementation of Skaven is terrible, vanity pets are a waste and now required, purchasable mounts are dumb, the new resource system is laughable......etc, etc.  And for anyone to suggest that Mythic ISN'T listening to their customers is just nuts. 

People should definitely be cautious with the new changes.  They should definitely question every aspect of every portion of the information.  That is what makes a game better.  But to completely flame Mythic, the Developers and the game is just absurd.  We all need to take a step back and remember that nothing is certain as of yet.  Let's just wait and see how the PTS is once these changes begin to be tested.  Then we should all do as much praising and/or bashing as we can. 


  1. Nothing is certain?

    You realize Mythic has rarely removed anything they've announced, and only from rather severe feedback from the entire community. I don't see anything in the GDUK news that's going to get some overwhelming unanimous outcry from the community that will get it trashed. Consider how tight lipped they've been even through some of the worst flames they've seen yet and still couldn't say anything because they weren't sure it would be released.

    Maybe not 100% certain, nothing rarely is, but I'd wager a solid 95%.

  2. I really like the oRvR changes, I hope that eventually all tiers will get some sort of update, not just T4. Personally, I could care less about the Skaven. I don't hate the idea, I just don't understand why Skaven are a big deal that's all.

    But I agree that judgment should be made after this has hit the PTS.

  3. The RvR changes sound great. The Renown revamp sounds great. The Skaven implementation does not.

    If we're ever to see new races in WAR, Skaven should be at the top of the list. The way they are being added for RvR does not preclude them from a possible entry in the future but is odd as an RvR requirement for Order.

    I agree with Grim, it usually takes a pretty loud voice to overturn things. We'll have to wait and see once this stuff hits the mainstream.