Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marauder Love!!

There's a reason why my profile pic is that of a Marauder.  It's because I think they are the best class in the game.  Now when I say best, I am referring to the most fun.  In this case however the former might be true, in that they may now just be the best class in the game.  What am I talking about?  Well if you don't know or aren't aware, Marauders are getting some serious and well deserved love.

Are you ready for builds like this and like this?  Sure you could have specced that way before, but it wasn't really viable.  Here are the changes as outlined by Nate:
 We're making some changes to the Marauder career which will address a few playability and potency issues which we've been concerned about.  These adjustments affect a few different aspects of the career - most notably the Mutations themselves - but are largely focused on the Brutality Mastery.
  • Gift of Brutality, Gift of Monstrosity, and Gift of Savagery will neither cause the global cooldown, nor be prevented by it. 
  • Growing Instability will no longer vary its effectiveness based on Hit Points.  Instead, it will now always provide a +50% bonus.
  • Guillotine will now almost always critically hit, and its damage has been slightly reduced.  By "almost always", we mean that it will critically hit the victim no matter how much Initiative or Reduced Chance To Be Critically Hit that they have - the only thing that will prevent it is if the victim is completely unable to be critically hit at all (such as from the Sovereign "Absolute Preservation" ability).
  • Impale is now usable from any position.  When used from the rear, it will now ignore an amount of the target's armor based on Mastery level (ignoring 990 armor at full Mastery at rank 40).  Additionally, its damage has been reduced.  The net result is that Impale will deal more damage than it currently does when used from the rear, and will now also be usable from non-rear positions as well.
  • Pulverize's damage has been increased, and the Block penalty has been reduced to -10%.
Thanks and we look forward to your feedback.

Nate Levy
Combat and Careers Lead
Definitely needed changes for the career.  Be ready to see a ton of Marauders out again.  I know I'll be out on mine, Siqq, for sure.   Changes like the above will really go a long way to making the Marauder one of the best and most balanced classes in the game.

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