Friday, September 3, 2010

Royal Crests and Stage Three Gold Bags

Over the past few months, since about April I'd surmise, Mythic has really done a bang up job with Warhammer Online.  They have implemented things like the new city sieges, 1.36, and AAO.  All of which have gone a long way to promote a more healthy and stable player base so the future of WAR will thrive.  There is one facet of the game however that needs addressed, and that is the system we currently have for loot.

Now for the most part, I would never complain about loot.  As I feel it's not about the gear but about the player / team.  But let's face it, it does help a bit. 

I've been playing my rank 80 Marauder since roughly March.  Obviously I have done countless City raids, as on Iron Rock we are in a city what seems like no less than 2x a day.  In that time I have only managed to amass five pieces of my Sovereign set, along with currently 113 Royal Crests.  Needing my Helm, Chest, and Boots.

Five pieces, in six months time.  A half a year of not being able to complete a set of armor, really?  What irks me  about it is that I have won 12 back pieces.  I only kept two of them obviously, with one of them being much more recently with the inclusion of the defensive sovereign sets.

What really grinds my gears though, is that I have lost a countless number of bags to EXTREMELY low ranking characters.  Players who are not even rank 40, let alone renown rank 70+.  It is just so deflating for a player like me.  How many hundreds of hours must I play before I can complete my set?  It's not even like we have the luxury of a DKP system or something at the moment.  Let's face it, you winning a bag is pure luck anymore.  Sure I can be in the top 5 with contribution with nay a problem, but my random roll is sub 400, I'm just not winning a bag. 

Now I can't fault those lower rank players for taking the bags.  Although it would be very courteous of them to simply opt out, they certainly don't have to.  It's not like they are abusing anything or exploiting.  They are merely using the system put in place, and one could hardly blame them.  But that pretty much leads everyone to believe that the system is flawed.  Why can't we get something like the below:
  • Stage One
    • Sub Rank 50 normal rolls, Rank 50 to 60 bonus to normal rolls, Rank 60 and above penalized for rolling with negative bonus to future rolls
  • Stage Two
    • Sub Rank 60 normal rolls, Rank 60 to 70 bonus to normal rolls, Rank 70 and above penalized for rolling with negative bonus to future rolls
  • State Three
    • Rank 70 to 80 normal rolls, Sub Rank 70 penalized for rolling with a further 1 or 2 day lockout timer
Keep in mind that the above would not take into consideration any form of contribution.  I think something along the lines of the above would discourage people from not only rolling on bags they don't need anymore, but discourage people from rolling on bags they can't use for some time.  I know it's not a perfect system by any means, but it sure seems a heck of a lot better than what is in place now. 

What ideas might you have for a better city siege loot experience?


  1. There's such a fine line between making something too easy or too difficult to acquire.

    I completed my Sovereign set prior to the new city. It took me 2-3 months of farming the King instance to get Royals and getting some drops to complete the set.

    Now the city occurs often but if you don't get the drop the ability to purchase is now made difficult by the massive increase in price. This just makes me wonder how difficult it will be to get the two new sets Mythic is talking about.

  2. Two to Three months is one thing, at the rate I'm going I won't complete the set for Ten to Twelve.

    I have no problem with the best of the best being difficult, but taking a year is just outrageous

  3. You are right ... that is waaaaay too long in MMO time to get even the top gear. I harken back to when getting to the city seemed an impossibility. I didn't even think I'd ever sniff a piece of Sovereign. That did subside. The current system is a bit deflating and with talks of getting high-end gear and the city siege being slowed ... then how are players supposed to gear up? Invader and Warlord will also become scare. PvE dungeons, anyone?

    That's now why I haven't been gung-ho to even try and get my Warrior Priest Sovereign. I've been content to run TOVL.

  4. Yah, unfortunately TOVL is a pretty nice set if you have trouble getting Sovereign, or even Warlord. Not to mention you can do it in probably what amounts to 20% of the time.

  5. I believe that one of the main reasons lower ranked players don't opt out of the roll is the purple and blue bags. Stage 1 purple bag has a nice jewelry piece and the blue bag a weapon that is pretty neat for any fresh 40 character. Stage 2 and 3 purple bag drop insanely good weapons for some careers that don't even have a renown requirement.

    So detach the roll for the gold from other rolls and you fixed the rage fest. On the other hand, do what you suggested and you'll be unfairly punishing players for trying to get something they can wear.

  6. You have a point Blaq for sure. My idea was simply that, just an idea. I certainly don't want to punish those who can actually use and wear gear. There just has to be a better way of distributing it.

  7. Another city siege, another sub 200 roll. awesome

  8. At least you weren't trying to pass on gear and opted out for warlord then forgot to opt back in for the sovereign roll(the stupid system assumes you want to opt out of everything if you opt out of one stage). Well, at least I got 5 crests. >.>

    Lesson learned, either don't opt out at all or always check if you are opted in for stage 3.

  9. Yah, I actually did that the first time with the new city siege. Now I find myself constantly checking to make sure I'm either opted in or out.