Monday, September 27, 2010

Iron Rock Update and Account Transfers

So my post this morning left me feeling a bit blah.  Most other WAR bloggers out there are very excited about the release of information this past weekend, as they should be.  I just think I have a case of the Mondays.  The new changes will be good for sure....I'm just so nervous and the anticipation is killing me!  I'm sure the new changes will promote even better action than we have seen over the past few weeks on Iron Rock.  If that's the case be ready for a heavy subscriber increase, and even more RvR action!


With all the talk of the future being thrown around recently, just how are the servers doing now?  In my opinion, they are doing great!  Iron Rock has been absolutely bumping!  The action this past weekend was pretty much nonstop.  I'm going to have to take a page out of Bootaes book and put some pictures up.  This weekend I played my DoK, Luvsiq, the majority of the time.  Went from rank 49 to 55 in probably 4 hours play time.  My guild, Run Coward, has been pretty active recently too.  We're a smaller guild with probably 15 or so active players.  We've just had a good majority of us on at prime times lately, which really helps with your overall experience with the game.  Anyway, with us usually running with 8 to 10, we've really been dominating the AAO system.  Racking up usually around 25 to 30k renown per fight!  Destro is pretty heavily outnumbered on Iron Rock, so fighting twice your numbers is hardly out of the ordinary.  No complaints from me though!  I do need to get some better healing gear though, I'm still sitting in Annihilator at rank 55.  I guess Warlord is right around the corner though.  I must say, I have fallen in love with healing.  As someone who usually plays a MDPS, it is such a nice change of pace.  It really helps you appreciate just how much work a healer does. 

Now to that Account Transfers topic.  With all of the upcoming changes, there is one in particular that I wish we'd see, that is Account Transfers.  I am really hoping that players with multiple game accounts, under one master account, can condense those characters on to just one account.  For example, I currently have a Rank 80 Marauder, Rank 60 Sorc, Rank 55 WE, and a bunch of other twinks on one account.  On another I have a Rank 80 WE, Rank 55 DoK, and some twinks.  Both of these accounts are under the same master account.  Now I understand Mythics reasoning behind not implementing such a feature as it would ultimately reduce their long term revenue goals, but how nice would it be?  I would gladly pay $25 to $35 for such a service.  I can't really play more than one character effectively at a time, but the reason for two accounts was so I could Power Level with one.  With that not really needed anymore thanks to the recent AAO, I wish I could put all those characters one one account.  Anyone else with such an issue? 

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