Friday, September 10, 2010

The Week That Was

Figured I'd post a bit of a recap much like Werit does for readers of the Warhammer community to see.  As he is the one always doing the recaps, he isn't getting the exposure to his own site that he is due.  As one of the best bloggers for the Warhammer community, I highly recommend checking him out.  To start off the recap I'd like to congratulate WAR Bureau on one full year.  Let's see what else has gone on:
All in all not a bad week.  A lot of opinions and predictions swirling around with the anticipation of 1.4 and the slow release of new information.  It's really keeping everyone on their toes though, which is a good thing right now.  In relatively short time the xpac will be here, and true open RvR will dominate again! 

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