Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Much like Bootae, I'm currently having a case of Alt-itis.  I had been playing my rank 80 Marauder for a few months again, and miss the sweet scrolling of purple numbers across my screen.  Being that I still haven't been able to complete my Sovereign set, I wanted to at least feel like I was accomplishing something.  So, I logged on my DoK.

Currently rank 64 I'm playing as melee and getting adjusted again.  Although I'm still dps'ing, it's certainly not the same as a Marauder.  There are definitely good and bad.  The bad being I don't have the debuffs or cc as I would on the Marauder.  The good being that I cleary hit just as hard as him, and my survivability is much better (obviously).  I'm not one to scream for buffs really ever, but seeing as how I can pretty easily out dps my rank 80 Marauder with a hybrid class definitely makes me realize just how much love Marauders need.  Or maybe DoK's need nerfing?  I would vote for the former. 

I had also been dabbling on my rank 56 Sorc, but just not as fun for me.  I used to like the idea of being able to sit back and cast, but right now it seems as if Warhammer is a melee heavy game which doesn't bode well for a solo Sorc.  I also gave my rank 64 Zealot a try again, but just can't get into it.  As I generally play in small man with another Zealot friend or solo, there really is no point for me to be playing a healer. 

We'll see how long my current case of Alt syndrome lasts.  For the most part every character I play may as well be an Alt at this point, as I rarely spend more than a few months playing a single character. 

In other news, I recently came across a character that really peaked my curiosity.  Apparently there is a way to achieve rank 40 and renown rank 70+ in 3 weeks time.  With full Warlord gear.  I just came across this late last night, but be sure I will be investigating further today. 

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