Monday, September 13, 2010

Paying it Forward in WAR - Inspired by the NHL

So as a very avid hockey fan and Pittsburgh native (Go Pens), I came across this article that just says how there is a small group of Hockey agents and NHL Players "paying it forward" on a daily basis.  Just doing little things like filling up a neighbors boat with gasoline, buying some coffee for a homeless man, or donating toys to a shelter, can really inspire people to do greater things.  This got me thinking about all the "noobs" that there are in Warhammer Online, and MMO's in general these days. 

Whether you're in World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Guildwars, are always seeing people asking for help.  With Warhammer I'm constantly getting tells asking for gold to help buy a mount, people asking for help on gear and specs, and just general location questions for things.  Instead of waiting for all of those people to ask, why not just go ahead and offer up those services in the Advice channel?  Wouldn't it be nice to see something other than gold farming spam in there? 

Why don't more people just go to the lower tiers to help out lowbies?  I mean sure there are better things you can be doing t help yourself, but why not help others for a bit each day / week?  I think tonight when I get home, I'm going to take a flight to Norsca / Nordland and just look around.  Everyone I see in T1 I will send or give 5 or 10 gold.  Hardly a drop in the bucket to a T4 player, but that would help a great deal to someone new to the game.  Can you imagine how tough it is just picking up Warhammer not knowing anything or anyone?  I'm glad I didn't really have to go through that (much).  Little things like small gold donations, or offering up 5 minutes of time to help with a PQ might really make a difference in Warhammer.  What if it helped just pick up 1 more subscriber?  Than that one helped another, and another.  So on and so forth down the line the game picks up 100 more paying customers.  That would go a long way with a game like Warhammer. 

So take a page out of the NHL's playbook and give it a try sometime this week everyone.  Rather than sitting in IC or Altdorf, go to T1 or T2 and toss out some helpful hints and a few gold pieces to people.  It just might help make someones day, and help stabalize Warhammer for the future in the process. 

One last thing for my friends in RC and Dr. Sparkles in particular.........screw Ovechkin

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  1. While I support your 'general' thought and concept I hope you can take this one step forward and do something meaningful like say in RL. Sure "like BioBreak" taking of doing nice thing in game is fine and I applaud you for it. Please don't promote this as anything more the what it is in "game". If you can take this further and doing something nice in real life then good for you but remember the point is two fold doing something nice unexpectedly but also doing it without taking or promoting credit to yourself. Good luck with that.