Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recaps

Well with the weekend come and gone, we did receive a bit more news in regards to the future of Warhammer.  Bootae, Werit, and Gaarawarr all break things down nicely and I'd suggest checking them out.  My feeling are mixed at the moment about the news.  While we all look forward to the more than welcome changes in the ORvR and the campaign overall, I'm really hoping that things do not go the way of Trials of Atlantis as they did with DAoC.  There are definitely great things on the horizon, let's just hope they are implemented correctly. 

As far as the actual game has been, all things are looking good.  The bonus to renown this weekend really brought out the masses on Iron Rock.  In Chaos Wastes yesterday there were near 150 Order sieging keeps, which made it an impossibility for Destro to stop as we just don't have the numbers.  We did bring out a respectable showing though.  Obviously IC was sieged several times over the weekend, but that frequency should be a thing of the past over the next few months. 

While it was nice seeing so many people out, I'm not a fan of the reasoning behind it.  Yes, the double renown weekend was fun.  But I'm hoping that it is something that is not going to be seen on a regular basis.  4k renown for a solo kill is insanity.  Stacking the Against All Odds with the bonus this weekend was just downright silly.  There are enough renown gimmicks already in the game, I don't believe we need another.  Between Tactics, Jewelry, Against All Odds, Banners, and the usual RvR buff you get, renown is increased at near exponential proportions.  What happened to the days of it actually taking time to rank up?

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