Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1.3.6 and the Future

Well so far so good it seems for 1.3.6. Only time will really tell just how effective the new bonus to renown / xp / influence system is. As it is right now, I don't feel it has really done much to improve the so called balance we are looking for on Iron Rock.

The appearance system is a nice addition, but as I am currently playing a marauder I honestly can't find to many different looking pieces. That said it isn't really something that is going to affect me at the moment. Perhaps with the system in place it will shed some light on just how little, different looking armor there really is. I'd predict that everyone is going to be wearing the same thing, which really will make those looks stale after a while.

The patch itself went in pretty smoothly, with servers only coming down for a quick maintenance afterwards. I've noticed a little more lag around IC, but that could just be me.

We've also had some news from Gamescon in regards to the future of WAR. Looks like an increased renown cap and skaven are the biggest additions as of now. Should be some more on the near horizon though. It almost seems as if skaven will not be playable, at least playable in the way we are used to anyway. More details will be forthcoming though so we shall see.

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