Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Updates

  • Werit has posted some more good info on Skaven and the RvR pack
  • The AAO mechanic is nice, but really out of control in my opinion.  4k per solo kill???
  • Gaarawarr punted me off the Caledor bridge and killed me last night, listening to this.
    • I was trying to be nice!
  • Shadow-War beat the game.  Grats, now get 100.
  • Sver is a Iron Rock Legend, and will be missed.
No new real updates to me.  Myself and DrSparkles on IR have been doing a lot of scenarios lately just grinding for our Royal weapons. Slowly but surely we'll get there.  We also had easily the best city defense the other night.  We killed Karl Franz with just under 2 minutes to spare.  Crazy indeed.

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