Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hype Machine Strikes Again

Yes, I know it has only been a few days, but the news coming from Gamescom is surely underwhelming so far. Take a look at some comments being made over at Werit. There are several people that are pretty down. This seems to be general consensus throughout forums as well.

That is the big problem about releasing little snippets of information here and there to your general audience.  The player base has largely made this news out to be next to near the savior of Warhammer.  Playable 3rd realms, huge RvR revamps, Vampires, Lizardmen, Skaven..... none of which was ever really even mentioned by Mythic themselves.  People, myself included, hope for the best for games that they love.  They will talk about it as if they actually know what is on the horizon.  Which really only a small handful of people do. 

Do I expect more information coming out of Gamescom over the next few days?  Sure.  But do I expect it to be some groundbreaking news?  Hardly.  If Mythic did announce any of the above I'd be shocked, not to mention ecstatic.  Then again, it might only be adding a little more fuel to the hype machines fire again, at which point I'll simply reference you to this.

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