Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$15 a Month

$15 a month. Certainly doesn’t seem like that much right? For only $180 a year you can have near countless hours of entertainment right at your fingertips. You can battle through Azeroth, take keeps through Reikland, or capture a Relic away from Midguard, only for a mere $15. But is that the only real cost to consider in today’s MMO? Most doubtful…

Throughout this blog you are going to begin to realize the actual cost to you when partaking in the pay to play world. Sometimes the costs are going to be more than you could ever realize. Not only monetarily speaking, but socially as well.

I’ll show you how over the span of just a few years, someone can (and have) spend over $30,000 on today’s MMO’s. How you will build meaningful relationships and how you can lose out on some of the most important ones. I’ll bring forward to you the doubt cast on you by friends and family, and the dependence that these games can instill on ones psyche. Most importantly I’ll show you how you can achieve more than you ever expected, and how to lose more than you could ever imagine.

All that, for only $15 a month

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  1. I am intereged, nice blog. I will be stopping by regularly.