Friday, August 27, 2010

Give an Inch, and They Take a Mile

As I was running in an ORvR group the other night on IR, a funny thing started to happen.  People were complaining about the amount of Renown they were getting, and the state of the Against All Odds mechanic. 

As destruction on Iron Rock, we are constantly outnumbered.  The numbers game is never in our odds, and I would venture to say that it seems to be at a near 2:1 ratio.  With the implement of AAO last week though, the Destruction players hadn't really complained much, till now.  After slowly losing the arduous battles in Chaos Waste and Caledor, the complaints started to roll in:

  • Against All Odds is broken
  • How are we only at 200% EXTRA renown?
  • This renown is shitty
  • QQ blah blah, I want free renown....
This is one of the problems with implementing mechanics like AAO.  No matter what people will complain.  For the life of me (and my group as I was playing a Zealot), I can't figure out why.  People need to learn to be happy where they are in MMO's.  You are getting essentially a free renown bonus, just for playing.  Why complain?  Yes, AAO doesn't really change the somewhat flawed mechanics of the game in that you are still going to be outnumbered xxx to 1.  But what it does is promote you to get out and at least try to whoop up on some baddies.  It's really just a nice gesture on behalf of EA/Mythic/Bioware to get people out to the RvR lakes and promote ORvR again.  It certainly doesn't have to be done.  Not to mention with reported renown spikes as much as 12k per kill, something that I personally don't think should be present.  But I certainly won't complain while I'm getting it  =)

Edit:  Here is an example of the crazy renown from Thehealeroftru's


  1. I laughed at "As destruction on Iron Rock, we are constantly outnumbered."

    The grass is always greener. I hear the same thing on Order side. lol

    AAO actually shows it like it is though for once. Perception is a bitch but I was at 400% AAO in Dragonwake the other day so Order doesn't always outnumber Destro. :p

  2. Anoter problem with AAO. The zerg goes where the other isnt. There is the initial incentive to fight, but than the opposing side will leave the zone to cap another, thus reversing the AAO in the zone.