Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Thank You to EA Mythic

This morning I wanted to give a thank you to a Mr. Todd Gropp of EA / Mythic.  Although he may not see this blog, I'm hoping that others due and can really see just how much EA / Mythic cares about their customers.

Back in April, EA / Mythic had a pretty bad problem on their hands.  They had erroneously billed their customers multiple times for their standard monthly subscription charges.  A very unfortunate time for this to happen, as I feel as if the game was making a big turn toward the better.  Most people were only charged a few additional times, and EA was able to refund their money quite quickly.  There were others however who had their accounts withdrawn several hundreds and thousands of dollars, leading to overdraft fees imposed by banking institutions.  Yes EA refunded all charges, including paying for the overdraft fees, but it would take some time.

I had been charged roughly $2,500, thus over drafting my checking account.  The money issue was one thing, but because I had access to no money, other than credit cards, it made it difficult to purchase the standard necessities one needs to survive.  Things like water, food, mortgage payments.  How were we to deal with this?  Not to mention, my wife and I had just had our first child (future nerd), and we needed things like diapers, formula, and baby food.

In swooped Todd.  I had created an in game ticket letting them know of my circumstances, and Todd called me right away.  Not only did he work with my bank to get all charges reversed and refunded, but he went above and beyond what really was needed.  Todd reached out to local grocery stores, and was able to have groceries delivered to my place of business.  Todd and EA went out of their way to buy several hundred dollars worth of groceries for my family, and actually had them delivered to us.  On top of that they purchased gift cards for us to use in the meantime, while we waited for my checking account to be refunded.

I know that EA may get bashed at times for things.  Not releasing information on expansions, billing errors, or in game flaws, but they also do care about their customer base.  Sometimes things happen that are out of people and companies control.  It is ultimately how they respond to those problems that define them as a person and a company though.  I can say first hand that not only did they cement themselves as a stand up company to me, they proved to me that they are worthy of my business because the way that Mr. Todd Gropp handled himself with the situation in front of him.  A daunting task, where near nothing he could have done would solve the problem.  But more than solve it he did, and I thank him and EA for that. 


  1. Fair play to them, its not often you hear of this sorta thing.

  2. No it certainly isn't, that's why I thought it was important for people to see.

  3. Pretty remarkable that they did that. These are things you usually never hear about.

  4. Cadillac, thanks for passing it on. I believe Carrie did as well. Hopefully he gets the credit he is due for handling such a sticky situation so well.

  5. Wow... I mean I knew EA and Mythic reimbursed and solved all the banking problems as soon as they could, along with giving out in-game tokens. But wow, I had no idea something like this is possible.

  6. Blaq, anything you put your mind to is possible. I was obviously glad to see that the corporation didn't tie Todd's hands to prohibit him from doing what was right.

    I'm sure that they were able to do the same thing for other's as well. I hope that the CSR team and Todd received some sort of recognition out of the whole ordeal.

    Remember this the next time you have an in game issue guys! Just because they can't help, doesnt mean they don't care about your problem.