Saturday, August 28, 2010

Official Q&A on RvR Pack Up!

Check out the official Q&A for the RvR pack! 

Please be sure to do the following as stated in the thread

  • This thread will be heavily moderated.
  • I cannot talk about any other features aside from what we have discussed already. The topics we're discussing right now are: The tiered structure of the RvR Pack, the raising of RR to 100, Skaven joining the WAR, ORvR being re-envisioned, the new Skaven RvR Area and the reworking of the Renown Ability system.
  • Please simply ask a question, do not add commentary, do not respond to answers. This is a Q&A Thread, not a discussion thread. If you wish to have a discussion, please start another thread.
  • I will do my best to be as forthcoming with information as I am allowed to. Some topics I won't be able to discuss or go into detail on. Flames regarding this will not be tolerated.
  • Please review the entire thread to make sure you're not repeating a question someone else already asked.
Also, anyone like the new banner?  

The below points get me pretty excited, as active renown abilities would really go a long way and I'm all for breaking up the zerg. 

firengrot wrote…


You said you were going to sort of revamp the renow points system. Does the new system will still be based on buying caracteristic points like it is now or will we be able to buy more specials skills like resolute defense? if yes are those new skills be based on archetype?
As we’ve previously stated, we’re seeking to remove the restrictive nature of the current RA system and instead move to something that takes inspiration from the DAOC RA system. Yes we are considering more “active abilities” being part of this redesign, however we’re not quite prepared to discuss what those abilities will be. The one thing I can say about the abilities is that we intend for them to be compelling and unique, much like we want for the new armor set bonuses to be.  - Andy

Tellaria wrote…

With the redesign of ORVR, do you have any plans on getting players away from mindless mobs of the “Zerg” and having people focus more on organization with coordination and strategy?
Design decisions being made now are with the mindset of dispersing the zerg. How we’re accomplishing this, we’re not quite ready to discuss. - Andy

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