Friday, November 5, 2010

Where is my Snotling? and EA Discount Codes!

Why can I no longer purchase a Snotling?  I would think that if any items were still available to purchase it would be that, due to the 3% speed bonus granted.  I sincerely hope this is just an oversight, and not something that is gone for good.  Maybe I just can't find it at the EA Store? 

Also, here are a few discount codes I came across that work at the EA Store, so enjoy
  • EASTORE10 - Save 10%
  • VoucherCodes.com25% - Save 25%


  1. Maybe they're all sold out of Snotlings already.

  2. That's what I was thinking too Grimnir, but I think that would be a huge flaw and oversight by Mythic. MMMMGud said to try right through the WarhammerOnline.Com site, but it still does not appear for me.

  3. ... except they don't work