Friday, November 26, 2010

Ding, Yet Another 40.

This time it was another DoK.  Yes, another.  This is my third.  Reason I had finished leveling was simple really, I only want to have a single account.  At the moment I have entirely to many accounts, most with only a single character on it.  I decided there is no reason to keep more than one subscription active, so I had been leveling characters recently.  This however leaves me with quite a few accounts that I'll more than likely never play again.  What to do, what to do?  Per the EULA, I can transfer the rights to an account.  Maybe I'll just raffle them away?  Perhaps have some kind of question posed on the site and whoever gets the answer correct first wins?  Eh....dunno about that.  Are there many people out there who even want a high ranking Zealot, Choppa, DoK, BO, WE, SH?  Those are just a few accounts mind you. 

Anyway, after finishing my DoK yesterday, a few guildmates and I ran Eternal Citadel a few times.  I must say it's good fun, when matched up correctly.  When you get a Premade Vs. Pug though, forget about it.  /AFK a few minutes.  Is the scenario matchmaking system working properly yet?  I felt like it was much of the same yesterday.  I wish more details of the system were released so we knew how it worked, but I do know how that could lead to potential exploits. 

Another thing I realized yesterday is that DoK's are disgusting as a healer.  I'm only renown rank 31, but I was dishing out near 200k in heals in EC.  AoE detaunt is great, and the tactic choices I have as a healer are very nice.  I've never seriously played a DoK as a healer before, anyone have any suggestions for me?  I'm sure there is a ton I could learn. 


  1. Noticed last night I was facing almost 80% premades while I was pugging. 2 DoKs, 2 Tanks, and 2 Choppas almost everytime. Sometimes a Sorc for flavour. Eventually I just stood in the middle and let them kill me instead of wasting my time bashing someone to 90%.

  2. I just rolled a DoK last night, just to see..... I was curious as to why I see melee healers getting 150k heals when my RP gets 30-50k. Granted I'm only rr42 and die alot but..... So far (rank 6) wow. They have a lot of healing potential.