Monday, November 15, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Decisions decisions.  With 1.4 coming out this Thursday, I have a lot to think about.  Mostly, what in the hell class do I choose?  Here are my options:

  • Rank 80 Marauder
  • Rank 80 WE
  • Rank 60 SH
  • Rank 65 Sorc
  • Rank 30 Zealot
Recently, I've been leveling and loving the Zealot, but how long will that love affair last?  I mean, he's a healer.  Something I'm not really accustom to playing.  I've also been playing the SH more recently, with the others shelved.  But again I have the dilemma of playing the Marauder with the new buffs they will be receiving, which will be awesome.  

I just can't decide.  From the above, it looks like I've all but ruled out the WE.  She just doesn't interest me as much right now, as I just don't feel as if they bring as much to a group as my other choices.  I also feel like I'm nixxing the Sorc, as I'd much rather play the SH as a ranged dps.  

Only time will tell I suppose, and that time is only a mere few days away.  Who's ready?  


  1. I'd personally go with the Marauder, simply because they're getting a hefty buff.

  2. Am afraid all my alts will have a lonely time as well, going to spend all my time on main sorc.