Friday, October 1, 2010

Zealot vs. Zealot

I wanted to do something a little different today, so I decided I'd pit characters from different games against each other.  This may be a reoccurring theme here, or it may not be.  I guess we'll see how much fun I have doing it.  Clearly this is nothing scientific, just something fun.  I'll do the judging based on four categories.  Looks, Gameplay, Lore and a Community Poll.  I'll give 1 point for Looks, Gameplay, and Lore, with 2 points given to the community.  We will start with a Zealot from Warhammer Online, versus the Zealot from Starcraft



This is a difficult decision for me, as I think they both look completely bad ass.  You know if you saw a SC Zealot coming at you with those psionic blades you'd shit yourself.  And anything that bears the form of a crow you know is about to completely ruin your day.  I'm going to give the edge to the Protoss Zealot, and here's why.  I don't like seeing man boob.  Never is it a good thing, under any circumstance.  So, point to Starcraft.

  • Warhammer Zealot
    • The Warhammer Zealot is primarily a healing class, who can now dish out some nice damage with the 1:1 conversion rate of int/willpower.  It is not uncommon to see a dps zealot now in scenarios, even topping damage meters.  By using dots,hots,shields, and insta heals, they have a great deal of survivability.  Using this they slowly drain down their targets hopefully before they run out of action points or before their target can close in on them.
  • Starcraft Zealot
    • In Starcraft, the Protoss Zealot is a melee first, melee last type of class.  A straight out brawler who is sent in to kill.  By using their psionic blades, power suits, and plasma shields they annihilate enemies with heavy burst.  They can also now charge an enemy, closing the gap quicker then ever between them and certain death of their foes.
In terms of killing someone else, I'd take the SC Zealot any day of the week.  Keep in mind that this is Zealot vs. Zealot, and not group vs. group.  Had it been the latter, I would choose the WAR Zealot for healy heals.

  • Warhammer  Zealot
    • As the name implies, the Zealot is not a regular Chaos cultist, but is a fervent religious devotee, and wields the terrible powers of the Chaos god, Tzeentch. The Zealot in this case shows his fanatical devotion to the incarnation of Tzeentch as the Raven God. They wear heavy feathered robes and ornate vestments decorated with dark symbols, and are essentially unarmored. To focus their devotion Zealots carry many magic-imbued talismans with them such as skulls, feathers and small carved fetishes which they use to channel the power of Tzeentch. In combat they wield sacrificial daggers and other ceremonial instruments of pain. Their appearance can be wild and haggard, and they are single-minded to the extreme, placing their fanatical dedication to their god above all other things.
      The task of a Zealot in combat is a complex one. They must distribute Marks amongst their allies before battle, and see that they are set or re-set according to their shifting needs. They must also think offensively, for they have the potential to build upon a group's abilities by weaving a web of magic to support and magnify the power of their allies, and simultaneously crush the strength of their enemies. As spellcasters, they must be cautious, but because of their interlinked abilities, they must not be too conservative. If they hold back too much, or try to focus on only one aspect of their powers, all their abilities will be less than they could be.
  • Starcraft Zealot
    • Zealots are lower-ranked Templar who have yet to reach the upper levels of the Khala. Each zealot is trained for decades in hand-to-hand combat, tactics, pain tolerance and martial discipline. Zealots are taught to hate their enemies with a white hot passion and to hunt them down without mercy. Through the path of the Khala, zealots learn to hone their innate battle rage to a fine edge, though they can invoke a near-berserker rage when in battle if need be.

      All protoss have a degree of psionic power, the zealots using theirs exclusively on the art of war. Using a limited form of precognition, zealots can predict enemy movements, striking with deadly accuracy and dodging attacks. After the Brood War, some zealots developed the ability to turn their body into pure energy for a few microseconds. This allows them to move at lightning-fast speeds and strike suddenly against an enemy that thinks they are out of range. Seething with shame at the loss of Aiur, the zealots have dedicated themselves to more intense physical training as well. This includes duels at the end of their training, which appears to have the potential to be shortened.

      In battle, zealots wield psionic blades channelled through forearm units in their power suits. Augmented by cybernetic implants, zealots also use their psionic powers to surround themselves with a plasma shield.

      A severely injured zealot may be transported off the battlefield upon the moment of defeat, in order to be transformed into a dragoon or an immortal.
I'd choose the Warhammer Zealot in terms of lore.  Something about "fanatical devotion" to a single god that scares me.  Maybe that's why I barely practice religion at all? 

So I leave it to you, the readers, to vote on and ultimately pick who is the better Zealot.  Will it be the Protoss Zealot from Starcraft?  I'm sure that their lighting quick reflexes and awesome looks will help them.  Or will it be the Chaos Zealot from Warhammer?  I mean for god sakes they carry skulls around, that's gotta account for something.  So be sure to vote over the next few days, and we will see just who the victor is!

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