Monday, October 4, 2010

Highway To The Skaven Zone and Hobgobblin!

Although I completely missed it, Tentonhammer had an exclusive interview with Carrie Gouskos this weekend and some pretty good information was released regarding the new Skaven Zone.  I recommend checking out Bootae as he has all the details.  It appears as if the new zone will be a 24 vs. 24 instance based dungeon.  Much like the current city siege, it will include some Skaven bosses which both sides must fight while dealing with the opposing faction.  Oh, by the way, you'll need to be renown rank 65 to access it.

Seems to be a mixed bag of reviews judging from the comments from Bootaes post.  If it's anything like the new city siege mechanic though, I'll be happy.  I think it's one that really promotes PvP rather than the typical PvE we were used to. 

Not much for me this weekend.  I started leveling my Squig Herder, Hobgobblin.  I must say that he is a ton of fun.  Through the grace of god I was able to achieve rank 26 in a pretty short amount of time.  Being in a group in Talabecland for the level 31 champion rats helps out.  Pretty much a non stop pull of capped experience for me.  My renown rank did fall behind a bit at only 23.  We'll see how far I take him I guess.  I feel like right now is a great time to be leveling and really experiencing the lower tiers.  T2 and T3 this weekend had constant battles on Iron Rock.  Honestly some of the most fun I've had in Warhammer to date.  The champ rats spot had a constant stream of Order trying to claim it as their own, and it made for some really fun battles.  Not to mention when they did take it back, I could come back solo and pick off 2 or 3 as they pulled for roughly 40k experience with the AAO bonus.

There was thing I did notice though this weekend while leveling.  I feel like T2 and T3 is a lot more polished than the current T4 end game we are accustomed to.  The environment seems a lot....cleaner I guess.  Maybe it's just me, but the hiccups we see with environment in T4 didn't seem prevalent in T2 and T3.  I can't remember getting stuck on something even once.  I know that the game was released early.  Probably by as much as a year by some estimates.  I guess it's things like the T4 polish that were never really solidified before launch.  Anyone else notice the polish I'm talking about? 

Be sure to vote on the Zealot vs. Zealot battle this week! 

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