Friday, October 1, 2010

The Week That Was

Again, everyone is ripe with anticipation for the upcoming RvR Pack and 1.4.  Yesterday the new Producers Letter was released, and in it not a whole lot if any new information.  We have to keep in mind that the letter is really intended for those of us who don't live Warhammer 24/7, and is really for your more casual player to keep them a breast of what is on the horizon.
  • WWGD?  I guess we'll find out soon enough eh?   
  • Bootae had a lot going on this week, and a nice Q&A with Andy.  I suggest everyone head on over and check it out. 
  • There are definitely a bunch of tactics that are rarely used in Warhammer.  Lokax started to throw out some good ideas when it comes to Tanktics
  • KruelWAR put out a new Marauder Video here
  • Tirew also destroys some Destro with his Engi video.  Rifle spec?  Really? 
  • Squibblebut still holds out for a 3rd realm
  • Portraits of WAR released some new sketches
For me personally it's been a slow week when it comes to gaming.  I've been meaning to check out Civ V, but just don't have time at the moment.  Pretty busy with things personally.  I did start a new Zealot last night, Sosiq.  Ran around T1 with Dr. Sparkles and Mimmi on their Marauder and Choppa.  I didn't realize I guess all the new stuff in T1 that there is, scenario weapons specifically.  I can only imagine how insanely OP certain classes can become now in T1.  I'll probably find out this weekend I guess. 

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