Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T3 is Bumpin Bumpin, Order go Boom Boom

Like any veteran of a game, sometimes we forget just where and when we once had come from in terms of level. If someone sticks around in end game content for a while, often things can become a bit stale at times and a refresher is needed. All too often do I find myself camping a mailbox or sitting around waiting for a queue. So to those of you who are in need of a change of scenery I recommend T3 on Iron Rock.

Over the past week or so the battles in T3 have been tremendous. Much better from what I remember 2 years ago. There is constant action.  It also helps being on the winning side for once. Whether it is skirmishes, keep takes, fighting over champion mobs or a gutter runner assault, there is never a dull moment in T3. I actually found myself not wanting to level out of it last night. While at the champion rat mobs, which you can find over at WAR Aura, I got 2.5 levels in approximately 30 minutes. So now I sit at level 29/24. I could have continued leveling and at that pace would have certainly been in T4 in no time. Why would I want to do that now though? The action is so good, and I have enough T4 characters right now.

I'm also not sure what it is, but everything seems a bit bigger to me. I think it may have to do with the map layout and the keeps in different zones. It also could be that not everyone has a mount; therefore groups don't cover as much ground as quickly. The environment is so much more crisp and clean too. I touched on it a bit yesterday, but I can't believe how much better and more detailed things look in T3. In Saphery yesterday, I could actually count the individual leaves on the trees. That's not something I ever noticed in a T4 zone. The keeps seem a lot more detailed too, and more in depth. After experiencing T3 again and taking notice to all the subtleties, I really wish the game was held off a bit longer before release. T4 could really use a lot of the detail that is clearly prevalent in the earlier stages of the game.

So thank you to Mythic for changing the restrictions on LoTD.  T3 is alive and well, and there are still spots to grind should you choose to.  Go check it out, and revisit some things you may have missed the first time (or few at this point) around.

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  1. Of the changes in the 1.3.6 patch the LotD change has got to be my favorite. It was a contributing factor in my returning to WAR.