Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squiggy Update

There is so much taking place in Warhammer right now, and unfortunately it couldn't be happening at a worse time for me.  With so much taking place in the real world for me, I hardly have time to be checking out the PTS at the moment.  I am seeing good things though.  I am really excited to see how it all finally plays out in the coming months.  I highly recommend checking out my blog roll to the right for all the updates. 

One thing I have been focusing on when I have time to play is my wee little Squig Herder, Hobgobblin.  I just took him out of T3 and into the big boy world of T4.  Kind of unfortunate if you ask me.  I really like T3.  I almost feel like there was more balance there than in T4.  As it stands now I run around T4 getting near one shotted by high ranking Bright Wizards and Witch Hunters.  I am only level 32 though.  I would imagine that I will have him to 40 by weeks end.  Honestly I really don't have that much more to go.  I have two Golden Writs I can use to purchase War Tracts from, and the free level quest.  So really only 5 more levels, which I can grind out in either LoTD or PvP.  I have no desire for the free mount from the writ either, if you're asking why I'd use both on a free level.  It was cool when my Marauder was the only one on the server with one, before the free ones were issued.  Now they are completely fotm, and everyone has one.  So I'll pass, and just ride in style on my white wolf of doom. 

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