Monday, March 23, 2009

Where are all the Slayers?

So tonight I was doing some T4 Scenarios with a few guildees, and would'nt you know it we came across several guild groups running 5+ Choppas....all level 40.

Now while I'm not surprised at the amount of rank 40 Choppas, I am surprised to see just how very few Slayers there are of equal rank. Besides myself, I believe I have only seen 2 other rank 40 Slayers (Phoenix Throne). So where are they all? Leveling up through RvR, gaining renown? Lets hope that we see a bunch of Slayers soon though cause I must say, my butt sure is sore from the beating we took in those scenarios. The amount of damage they put out is just through the roof. Not to mention it was coupled with some Sorc pits and Magus pulls.......again. Maybe it is just the fact that Destro has a lot more time to level? While I don't know the age breakdown of players on PT, I'd imagine that Destro appeals to a younger crowd. Just basing this shearly off of looks really. Who knows.

Also, do Choppas get some sort of knockback ability? On more than one occasion it seemed as if a Choppa was using an AoE knockback of some sort, I couldn't tell for sure though. While I could look on WarDb right now, it's to nearly midnight and I'm tired.

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