Monday, March 30, 2009

RoF / PoS Idea

So, after perusing the usual blogs, I came across Werit's blog discussing the AoE and Keep changes. It really got me thinking about the current situation with certain AoE spells.

Obviously there is a problem right now. When you have multiple PoS / RoF in an area, there is no getting around the fact that you have little to no chance of surviving. The big solution it appears will be put in place is to make it so multiple spells will not stack with one another. While yes, that is a solution, I do not believe it to be a good one. It still does not address the fact that these spells can be placed anywhere, with no threat to the caster. It also essentially can make having more than 1 BW / Sorc in a keep defense utterly pointless. If only having 1 AoE spell being able to be cast on the doors, what are the rest of the casters going to do?

Why not make the spells scale downwards? For every other ranged AoE spell being cast, the next identical spell in that area would be reduced by say....50% dmg? It would at least not let those casters be useless, not to mention drastically tone down the immediate damage that people are taking right now.

There is also the problem of these spells being cast with virtually no AP cost, and no risk to the caster. Perhaps make those spells combustion build faster? At the least the AP cost needs to be increased.

A big downside to the proposed nerf of the AoE spells, is that is severely limits the capability of a small group of taking on a warband of players. As is right now, a 6 man with 2 BW's can definitely kill an entire warband of less organized players. I've been a part of it on more than one occasion. By taking away the stackable effect of these abilities completely, the success rate of that 6 man to actually win against 18+ is drastically reduced. Hopefully Mythic sees the downsides of the current proposal, and a change is made.

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  1. Keep sieges are already weighted in favor of the defender even with 3:1 odds. With new keep content coming up faster and faster, it'll just tip the scales even further.

    The AoE nerf is going to require more coordination to be effective, and less RoF/PoS spam. Real damage will be done when someone tosses a root on the poor saps running through these AoE's. Now when defending a keep, you can have a BW on the second ramp tossing RoF, and one near the first ramp dropping Fire Cages.

    T4 is a mass zerg fest with AoE specs catching all the win. I'd love to see this get dumbed down to make the other two masteries of pretty much every class viable again. Instead, AoE spec is required, and other specs are just flavor.