Friday, March 27, 2009

Promote WAR!, not Hugs

Over the past week or so I have realized that while the Warhammer game itself is supposed to be centered around WAR, the only real WAR I seem to have is finding enemies to fight. Sure there are times when I may find a single warband out to fight, but for the most part I find that the Destro and Order communities on PT avoid each other in order to be successful in taking Keeps and BO's. I find this to be a critical flaw in the RvR system that WAR currently has in place.

Right now, Zerg mentality is king. If you can swarm a keep with 3 WB's, it is that much easier to gear yourself. People are to concerned about gear in this game. I wish people would actually compare the gear to see the very marginal difference there is between even Annihilator and Darkpromise. Because of the gear concern on people's minds, zergs are created. When an opposing zerg shows up, it is then time to fly to a new zone.

Currently there are no real quests or any incentive to fight in Open RvR. It is always, defend xx keep, defend xx BO, take xx Keep. Other than the kill 25 players, what other incentive is there for ORvR? There are little gear drops for those of us who are interested in that. The Renown is good, but really you can get 7k renown for just taking a zone. Influence is much of the same. Other than actually wanting to have small scale, ORvR battles, there is no reason to do so. Something needs to be done about that.

Perhaps promote ORvR in locked zones by increasing renown gain by 10%? Maybe increase the amount and level of gear that does drop from players? How about creating quests that reward Renown and Influence, rather than 1 gold?

Hopefully Mythic gets it right soon as it is no secret that the T4 action in Warhammer is lackluster. There is no sense releasing more content, when the current content you have is currently unproven.

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