Thursday, March 19, 2009

Active Abilities and Their Place in WAR!

First thing's first. Welcome to the show! I've created this blog mostly for my own musings, but I hope there are some who enjoy reading and taking part of the experiences I go through in Warhammer Online.

Now, on to the meat of it. Active Abilities. Ever since 1.2 has hit, I can't help but feel as if active abilities really should have a place in Warhammer. A lot of people will think otherwise. There are some that will say, "Everyone will just spam their I-Win button." Or those that may think having an active ability takes away from the skill of the game play.

With the coming of 1.2, we have seen a major shift in power to casters / ranged dps. The amount of damage those classes can put out in such a short amount of time is unreal. I mean really, good luck getting sucked in by a Magus, into 3 Pit of Shades, all whilst being knocked down by a tank. Let's face it, there is no surviving that. Now the problem with the above that I had, isn't the fact that it is being done, but rather the fact that there is ultimately nothing anyone can do once the process of getting sucked in starts.

We've seen in other games, Active Realm Abilities (DAoC). Things like Purge, Group Purge, First Aid, Vanish, etc... Yes, at first there were abilities that were OP. Hibbies only having Group Purge being an example. Eventually though, Mythic got it right, and each realm had access to the same RA's.

What is the reasoning these abilities cannot have a place in WAR? Having a "Purge" would allow you to remove a knockdown or snare, and maybe get you out of that AoE mess. I'm definitely not saying these things are spammable by any means. Things with 10 to 15 minute timers, possibly even longer. Would that really be so bad? Would a Vanish type ability for WE and WH's be so terrible? They can only stealth once every 30 seconds as is right now. Would giving them a Vanish every half hour be terrible? By keeping these things on long cool downs, it doesn't take the skill out of the game, but puts in even further decision making by letting the player choose to use it in a particular situation.

Also keep in mind, that not all active abilities have their place in WAR. While a purge or an out of combat heal may be good, things like in combat full self heals for a dps class do not.

Some also may say that we do have active abilities in the form of Morales. I tend to agree with this, other than most of Morales seem to be oriented toward that of damage for a dps, or healing for a priest type career. Maybe making Morale abilities / Tactics changeable in combat would switch my view on this subject completely, but that is for another post.

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